Episode Description Edit

In which incoming Iceman writer Sina Grace joins us to talk about the coolest X-Man; Adult Bobby Drake gets the spotlight; no one looks too closely at the jokester; the mutant metaphor works both globally and personally; and we are all a little horrified by how long ago Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run happened.

X-Plained Edit

  • The Apocalypse Seed
  • What ice powers sound like
  • Ice puns and Memento-style tattoos
  • Adult coming-out stories
  • Intersectionality and representation
  • Iceman on his own
  • The most Sinister of teases
  • Cargo shorts
  • Bobby’s assorted ex-girlfriends
  • Omega-level ice powers vs. anxiety
  • Mike Carey’s X-Men
  • Bobby’s buds Cannonball and Rogue
  • Yas Northstar
  • Respecting continuity, avoiding overwhelm
  • Advice for your younger (and older) self

Listener Questions Edit

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