Episode Description Edit

In which Old Man Logan is probably better than it deserves to be; Steve McNiven is magical; the post-apocalyptic future probably belongs to the LARPers; Miles’s dad may or may not secretly be Hawkeye; all babies are supervillains; every movie should have a dinosaur chase scene; Emma Frost is our queen forever; and you should never trust a Hitler cosplayer.

X-Plained Edit

  • Wolverine: Lord of the Vampires
  • Mark Millar
  • Wolverine vol. 3 #66-72
  • Giant-Size Wolverine: Old Man Logan
  • The Hooded Man
  • “Old Man Logan” vs. Old Man Logan
  • The difference between Logan and Wolverine
  • Old-timey apocalypses
  • The Hulk Gang
  • Old Man Hawkeye
  • The Spider-Buggy
  • Moloids
  • Hammer Falls
  • Ultron-8
  • Several generations of supervillains
  • How the world fell under darkness
  • President Red Skull
  • Some very cathartic violence
  • Narrative functions of the rampage

Listener Questions Edit

  • What would an Old Woman Laura series be like? Or Old Wolverine Jonathon?