Episode Description Edit

In which Deadpool and X-Men ’92 artist Scott Koblish joins us to present the Summers Family Tree as you’ve never experienced it before; the X-Men go to Dante’s Hell; Dr. Strange gets his Virgil on; Wolverine sniffs snakes; Iceman has probably killed a lot of people; and X-Men fans have remained remarkably consistent over the years.

X-Plained Edit

  • The Summers family
  • Birthdays at the Xavier mansion
  • A package as sinister as it is stylish
  • Uncanny X-Men King-Size Annual #4
  • One version of Hell
  • A demon who is also a sorting hat
  • Another X-Men crossover conspiracy theory
  • The X-Men’s religious affiliations and lack thereof
  • Nuance of self-narration
  • Snakes with arms, and the vocalizations thereof
  • Dangers of encasing people in ice
  • The death of Stefan Szardos
  • An overly complex revenge plot
  • The origin of that one angry mob from Giant-Size X-Men #1
  • Kinda-incest
  • Reader responses to the Dark Phoenix Saga
  • X-Men vs. board games
  • The appeal of the Outback X-Men
  • Artist-character associations

Listener Questions Edit

  • Last episode, last week's episode, you mentioned comparing the Odinsleep to that board game Don't Wake Daddy. What overly complicated board game would you associate with an X-Men character?
  • X-Men '92, or the nineties X-Men, kind of like really happened when I got into X-Men, so from a nostalgia standpoint that's what I grew up and loved, and it's easy for me to justify that because the entire line was rebooted and they brought everybody back together, but I was wondering for people who really love, like, the Australia outpost X-Men, it's so - for someone who came up right after that, I find it so weird, and so un-X-Men-like, that I was wondering what people who really loved that period of X-men and grew up with that, what they think of that and why they love it?
  • Are there any X-men characters that you wish they would kill off and not resurrect, and why?
  • I believe you've answered this question before, but when you think of your favorite characters, for example, me, one of my favorite characters is Longshot, and when I think of him, I think of him drawn by Arthur Adams, or for example, Boom Boom, when I think about her, I think of her drawn by Jon Bogdanov, who do you guys think of when you think of your favorite characters, as far as artists?