Episode Description Edit

In which the plot thickens; Jay and Miles fix Avatar; Ship is a good bro; you are in space right now; the Beginagains go full This Island Earth; Cyclops weaponizes love; voting is really important; and you’re listening to ten straight hours of soft jazz and subversion on ZZ-105

X-Plained Edit

  • The other Dazzler (Bertram Worthington)
  • Our newest t-shirt
  • X-Factor #48-50
  • A metaphor within a metaphor, in space
  • The first half of Judgment War (briefly) (again)
  • A prisoner exchange
  • Hairstyles of the possessed and famous
  • Proper use of Cable
  • A case for retcons
  • Iceman vs. Archangel
  • A feisty little fellow from the stars
  • The secret origin of Ship
  • The Celestials
  • The core of Iceman’s personality
  • Several kisses
  • Beast and the Rejects
  • Some terrible hats
  • An unfair fight
  • A nefarious plot
  • Contagious heroism
  • Arishem
  • The power of love
  • Why we use the word “queer”
  • Several theoretical and unlikely crossovers

Listener Questions Edit

  • Hey, very sorry to ask/say this, but is there any way you could use a word other than queer when talking about LGBT stuff? I'm gay, and while I know a lot of people have reclaimed the word, for me it is always like a slap in the face. I have had people use it in violent ways. If not, I understand, it's just a very painful word for me to hear. Thank you.
  • Over the years, the X-Men has had crossovers with a lot of odd comic book properties, such as Star Trek, and I was wondering which comic book property you'd cross them over with if you had the chance? And if you were to cross them with a newspaper comic, what would the plot be?