Episode Description Edit

In which Rusty is an honorary Bluth; we bid a sad farewell to Bret Blevins; Hogan the Grim is probably the best at bedtime stories; Asgard has really tight hat game; Hela is a remarkably competent supervillain; there are some sound effects you have to earn; Rusty and Skids fight the Vulture; and Miles has so many feelings about Thor.

X-Plained Edit

  • Cortex
  • Damian Tryp
  • Our weird 2016 recording schedule
  • Jay & Miles at Vegas Valley Comic Book Fest 2016
  • Recent ResurrXion announcements
  • The second half of the Asgard Adventure
  • The end of Bret Blevins’ New Mutants run
  • New Mutants #82-85
  • The Odinsleep
  • A fairly upsetting board game
  • Volstagg’s awesome kids
  • Tiwaz of the Wastes
  • Many excellent hats
  • Ula and the Savage Swarm
  • Garm
  • Miles’s favorite Fenrir story
  • A remarkably clever villainous plan
  • A signature sound effect
  • Karnilla the Norn Queen
  • Cable’s relationship to Longshot
  • Recommendations for a comics newcomer

Listener Questions Edit

  • Hey hey! I've been binge-listening to your episodes, and I'm deep into the throes of Inferno, but I have an X-related question that's been bugging me for a long time. Was Cable originally supposed to be an older, grizzled Longshot with his memories back fighting to save Mojoworld after Uncanny X-Men #248? The name (Cable TV), and the eye flare, and the fifth fingers that look added on in the first cover with him, always made me think there was supposed to be a connection, but I can never find an answer.
  • My husband grew up without much exposure to the comics. Most of his exposure to the characters has mostly been through video games or movies. He has stated that he craves continuity, which stops him from getting in to comics. Can you guys suggest a starting point he might like? The Last of Us, which I've heard you guys mention before, is his heart and soul, but he also like Dragonball Z and some AMC shows like Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead.