Episode Description Edit

In which we get back on the continuity train; everything is the aftermath of Inferno forever; you should never fight a tractor or a horse without first putting on some damn pants; Vincent Price would’ve made a terrific Doctor Strange; Rusty Collins never really gets a fair break; Boom Boom is in over her head; and Brett Blevins takes his place as the definitive New Mutants artist.

X-Plained Edit

  • Mirage’s on-again-off-again Valkyrie career
  • Asgardia
  • The New Mutants’ previous Asgard adventures
  • The best single issue of all time
  • The Naglfar
  • A proposal for a new calendar
  • New Mutants #77-80
  • The Ust-Ordynski Collective (again) (more)
  • There’s Stuff Going On: The Doctor Strange Story
  • A very bad decision
  • Why unicorns are the worst
  • Doctor Stephen Sanders / Doctor Strange / Doctor Dad
  • Let’s Make a Deal
  • Whether arson counts as a personality trait
  • Several nefarious plans
  • Creative growth
  • Disaster City
  • Fun with the Technarchy
  • Mindful representation
  • Miles’s dad’s comics collection

Listener Questions Edit

  • You recently called Gateway, who uses the trappings of his own culture, problematic. White characters who use trappings and practices of other cultures, for instance Iron Fist, are also problematic. How should characters with overt cultural trappings be handled?
  • Just recently Miles mentioned that Uncanny X-Men #251 was the last issue in the box of comics his dad gave him. I'd love to know more about that collection. Were there any substantial gaps in the X-Men run? What were the other titles? Is this where Miles' love of Thor comes from? In what ways did that particular collection shape your expectations for comics?

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