Episode Description Edit

In which we return to Rose City Comic Con and somehow manage to one-up last year’s Stryfe cold open; Greg Pak has secretly written all of the X-books; Cullen Bunn may or may not be watching you RIGHT NOW; the X-Men distill down to murder and kissing; Toshiro Mifune should be everybody; Miles swears first (for once); and we can’t wait to see all of your X-Men roller derby names!

X-Plained Edit

  • Cold open escalation
  • Onslaught
  • Greg Pak
  • Continuity exegesis
  • Marrying history and narrative
  • Murder and kissing
  • X-Treme X-Men vol. 2
  • Reimagining characters across the multiverse
  • Governor-General James Howlett
  • Magneto: Testament
  • Where superheroes should and shouldn’t intersect with geopolitical events
  • Our X-Men buddy-cop duos of choice
  • X-Commencement speakers
  • X-Men roller derby names
  • Contemporary vs. retrospective representations of current event

Listener Questions Edit

  • You mentioned trying to avoid real world situations and conflict because the material is too big for that. But a lot of early superhero comics, like of the concurrent era, did exactly that. What do you think separates doing it now from the way that they did it back then?
  • What is your buddy cop duo from the X-Men lineup? And if you could do forgotten X-Mens if you want.
  • So, imagine you're running one of the various Xavier Institute Massachusetts Academy yadda yadda yadda. Who do you invite to give the commencement address?
  • So you mentioned in X-Treme X-Men that Wolverine and Hercules are -- you know, Wolverine's in love with Hercules. Presumably that means Wolverine is not straight. Do you think that that means that Wolverine is not straight in 616 as well? That he is a queer character? Or is that just a divergence point from that universe?
  • On one of your recent episodes you mentioned Boom Boom Von Doom as a really awesome roller derby name. So I was wondering if you had thought of any other possible X-related roller derby names?
  • Is it more interesting, like, reading a comic arc that is written during the timepiece and you can see like, actual evidence of like "Whoa, radical culture!" Versus a movie that's like recreating that in its own vision. What's more interesting for you guys?
  • So you're about to enter the dark age of darkness and many pouches. Not what do you dislike, but what do you dread having to cover the most?

Audience Participation Edit

  • Listeners were encouraged to post their best X-Men roller derby names in the episode comments for this episode.

Additional content Edit

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