Description Edit

In which Jay may or may not have sold their voice to a sea witch; Gambit and Deadpool are somewhat lackadaisical superheroes; everything Fat Cobra does is amazing; Miles is a prepared gentleman; Gambit is there to look pretty and throw something; and there is now a Ben Acker vocaloid hovering around the studio.

X-Plained Edit

  • Acker & Blacker
  • Thrilling Adventure Hour
  • X-Men #214, but not the real one
  • Deadpool v. Gambit
  • As-needed approach to continuity
  • The ontology of Deadpool
  • The time the Absorbing Man turned into cocaine
  • Wolverine Season One
  • What makes Gambit creepy
  • The roadtrip miniseries you didn’t know you needed
  • A theoretical poker game and its theoretical outcome

Listener Questions Edit

  • Is there a reason why everyone seems to hate Gambit? All I can gather is they keep calling him sleazebag, which I can infer is referencing his womanizing traits, including that dump pheromone power he has / had. But is that really it?
  • Gambit, Deadpool, Sparks Nevada, and Frank & Sadie Doyle (who, for people aren't familiar, are from Thrilling Adventure Hour) are playing poker. Who wins, and why?

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