Description Edit

In which everything is worse with Nazis; Excalibur gets its groove back; Meggan has an identity crisis; Kitty gets a crush; a dragon gets interdimensional sanctuary; and the Cross-Time Caper starts not with a bang, but a foomp.

X-Plained Edit

  • The death of Lilandra Neramani
  • Excalibur #8-11
  • The best name in Hollywood
  • Still more of Inferno’s aftermath
  • A basketball game
  • Blackbird disambiguation
  • Several long-delayed reunions and one subsequent resolution
  • Alastaire Stuart (and his banana)
  • Tourists who are also lizards
  • Lightning Force
  • A number of unfortunate encounters
  • The difference between Errol Flynn characters and Errol Flynn
  • The fall of Nigel Frobisher
  • The switch that turns the engine invisible
  • What may be the world’s least subtle euphemistic use of the term “roommate”
  • How the discourse around comics has changed since the ’80s
  • Jubilee vs. power creep

Listener Questions Edit

  • Have you ever read a comic that was published in the 80s or 90s and thought "This would never be allowed today"? I'm thinking specifically of Psylocke, because I can't help but wonder if her changing races would have raised some hackles had it been done today.
  • Most characters powers seem to creep slowly stronger. Do you find it interesting that Jubilee's went the opposite direction, from blowing up buildings to barely inconveniencing foes?

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