Description Edit

In which Jay and Max brave the X-Men anime; the problem isn’t in Wolverine’s pants; Xavier is for once less villainous than he seems; Emma Frost gets ruffly; Cyclops wasn’t even supposed to be here today; and we both really want to hang out with Scott Porter.

X-Plained Edit

  • Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepherd
  • Waiting for the Trade
  • The X-Men Anime
  • Marvel Anime
  • Scott Porter
  • Jay’s ongoing attempts to assemble a coherent X-Men/Speed Racer conspiracy theory
  • Floating Hands Theater Wolverine
  • An unlikely T.A.
  • Several recurring flashbacks
  • The U-Men
  • The other U-Men
  • Armor (Hisako Ichiki)
  • Emma Frost, but ruffly
  • Evil Moira MacTaggert (Yui Sasaki)
  • The Sasaki Institute
  • The other Inner Circle
  • Marsh
  • Rat
  • Neuron
  • Takeo Sasaki
  • Potluck night at the Hellfire Club
  • Living vs. dead Jean Grey

Listener Questions Edit

  • What would Hellfire Club Whist drive look like? What sort of prizes would they have in their Christmas raffle? How would Hellfire Club bingo nights work? What would the Lords Cardinal bring to a potluck dinner?
  • Since the X-Men anime starts off with the end of The Dark Phoenix Saga, Jean functions as a ghost that haunts the team through the series. She has also served as such in the comics for a very long time in recent history, even with teen Jean in the present. Do you think Jean as a character functions best as a living character, or as a ghost that allows the X-Men to react to her legacy and help push the X-Men into the future and away from the past, where she has remained?

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