Description Edit

In which we cover (almost) all of the Inferno tie-ins with the help of writer Sam Humphries; the Marvel Universe used to be really X-Centric; Jarvis is unstoppable; Daredevil fights a vacuum cleaner; it’s probably best not to ask about the whole Celestial Madonna thing; Power Pack gets incredibly upsetting; working in comics makes you appreciate crossovers on a whole new level; and we’d all really have liked to have seen Guy Davis’s Inferno.

X-Plained Edit

  • Peter Quill’s brief music career
  • Widget
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #311-313
  • Spectacular Spider-Man #146-148
  • Web of Spider-Man #47-48
  • Avengers #298-300
  • Power Pack #42-44
  • Daredevil #262, 263, 265
  • Cloak and Dagger (vol. 3) #4
  • Fantastic Four #322-324
  • Inferno, as a whole
  • The fate of Madelyne Pryor
  • Jay’s Madelyne Pryor song
  • How working in comics taught us to appreciate crossovers
  • Our ideal Inferno artists

Listener Questions Edit

  • We all know that Mr. Sinister is obsessed with the Summers family for his own complicated Apocalypse related reasons. Has he ever tried kidnapping Rachel, or manipulating her to use as a weapon against Apocalypse? Did the Sinister form Earth-811 ever do any experiments on her? After all, she's the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey proper, and not from a clone or an emergency back-up brother. And as you've pointed out, the only Phoenix host to have full control.
  • Would it be possible for Madelyne Pryor to be a hero again? Most later creators have made her purely evil, but Claremont's version could easily be someone who walks the hero-villain line the same way Magneto does. If this does happen, how would you like it to play out?

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