Description Edit

In which Wolverine gets a wolverine; the Crazy Gang meets their match; Inferno is business as usual for Excalibur; Alan Davis covers are the best covers; David Wynne makes his on-air debut; Courtney Ross is more competent than you; Murderworld operates on a dubious economic model; Nightcrawler is the anti-Nice Guy™, and everything basically works out for the best.

X-Plained Edit

  • Wolverine’s wolverine
  • A subtle but critical spelling difference
  • Excalibur #4-7
  • The greatest comic-book cover of all time
  • Dialogue on covers
  • Courtney Ross
  • Edwardian power suits
  • Arcade (again)
  • The dubious economics of Murderworld
  • The Looney Toones school of sexploitation
  • Search terms
  • Fashion in Excalibur
  • A mundane but useful superpower
  • The death of Courtney Ross
  • Perils of transatlantic flight
  • The Goblin Princess
  • A really excellent gargoyle
  • Several cinematic references
  • A very revealing outfit
  • Brigadier Alysande Stuart
  • Sinister fashion
  • Still more Limbo disambiguation

Special Thanks Edit

To David Wynne

Listener Questions Edit

  • What are your thoughts about Mister Sinister's outfit?
  • Considering Inferno, is the Limbo of Immortus and Marcus, S'ym and Magik, Rom and the Dire Wraiths, and The Space Phantoms the same place?

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