Episode Description Edit

In which Nextwave is both canon and not-canon; Inferno officially begins; X-Terminators is basically a cartoon; Bill Gaines cannot catch a break; Artie and Leach are superbabies; Takeshi Matsuya is fantastic; you should probably never take our advice about anything; Boom Boom is pretty good at superhero costume design; Walter Peck was right; Miles still won’t stop saying that one line about stealing a baby; N’astirh is no pigeon; and “No Mutant Is an Island” is a patently inaccurate statement.

X-plained Edit

  • The Beyond Corporation
  • The Defilers
  • X-Terminators #1-4
  • The first 35 issues of X-Factor, briefly
  • Two teams with the same name
  • Fredric Wertham
  • Bill Gaines
  • Crotus
  • Babies
  • A boarding school that may or may not be Phillips Exeter Academy
  • Muffy
  • Saint Simon’s Academy
  • Wiz Kid (Takeshi Matsuya)
  • Nuprin
  • Medical advice from goblins
  • The Goblin Buster
  • Metareferential snack food
  • RadSport Sport Fashion Outfitters
  • An exceptionally specific Ghostbusters reference
  • Helen and Tim
  • Dubious spell semantics
  • How not to incorporate a crossover into a miniseries, and vice versa
  • “No Mutant Is an Island”
  • A brief history of Magneto’s helmet
  • Definitive Magnetos

Special Thanks Edit

Special thanks to multiversal metacontinuity wizard Al Ewing for the last-minute assist on the cold open!

Listener Questions Edit

  • What is the deal with Magneto's helmet? When did it exactly get the psychic blocking magic that is such a mcguffin, especially in the X-films?
  • What would you say the definitive version of Magneto is? Scene chewing silver age Dick Dastardly, the more antagonistic foil to Xavier like in God Loves Man Kills, the New Mutants teacher, the separatist leader of the Acolytes, every X-fans source of alcoholism Xorn, or some other iteration?

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