Episode Description

In which Brett White joins us for a look at the current state of the X-line; Dennis Hopeless helps shed some light on a persistent mystery; Brett has a lot of feelings about the Dark Riders; All-New Wolverine is our everything; All-New X-Men is the new New Mutants; X-Men ’92 is the prize at the bottom of the continuity cereal box; we speculate on potential fatalities in the upcoming Death of X; and everything is probably going to be more or less okay.


Listener Questions Edit

  • Do you think it would be a good for the X-Men comics to do multiple miniseries instead of a bunch of ongoings like there have been in the past?
  • With the recent announcement of The New Mutants movie, do you think it's finally time for the X-Men films to get really weird and introduce elements of magic and more cosmic sci-fi?
  • What's the difference between a mystery like "What Scott Did" and something like the long-form mysteries on Hickman's Avengers?

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