Episode Description

In which it’s pretty much always terrible to be Magik; Y is a sometimes vowel; Wolfsbane is a secret Disney Princess; feelings ruin everything; and Gossamyr may or may not be an allegory (but is pretty interesting either way).


  • What Lila Cheney is up to these days
  • New Mutants #67-70
  • Gratuitous space spelling
  • Gossamyr
  • Spyder
  • The Accountants
  • Magneto’s ongoing slide into supervillainy
  • A few fairly specific elements of teen-girl social dynamics
  • Wolfsbane’s greatest desire
  • Practical logistics of teleporting aliens into a sun
  • Approaching the X-books as a new writer
  • Who we’d put on an all-X-Men trivia team


Special thanks to Kieron Gillen for the X-pert consult; and to Arvin Bautista for the use of “I Will Steal Your Heart.”


  • Illyana’s descent continues
  • S’ym gains near-complete control of Limbo
  • First instances of possessed machinery and architecture

Listener Questions Edit

  • How does a new writer onboard onto an X-book? It seems like there is a ridiculous amount of prior knowledge needed to write an X-Men character well. I can't imagine they're required to read 60 years of backstory as a pre-req, so is there like a character boot camp or something Marvel puts them through to bring them up to speed? Or is it all on the editor make sure the plot/references/character traits make sense in the big picture?
  • If you were to choose 4 X-Men for your trivia team, who would they be?

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