Episode Description

In which the X-Men finally follow up on a dropped plotline; you should probably not mess with abandoned star sharks; “Dawn of Blood” is a sometimes food; The Goblin Queen makes her first appearance; we debut a new podcast feature; and there may or may not be a frozen woman in the Xavier School basement.


  • The Providian Order
  • Uncanny X-Men #232-234
  • The Brood (again)
  • Several ill-fated campers
  • Harry Palmer
  • The Brood as horror antagonists
  • Why John Doggett is the best X-Files agent
  • Psylocke’s armor
  • Why Nestor Carbonell should play Gambit
  • Some deeply dubious codenames
  • Red Bee
  • Michael the Bee
  • Reverend William Conover and his Glory Day Crusade
  • The Mile High Diner
  • The strange case of Hannah Conover
  • One hell of a nightmare
  • A deal with a devil
  • The direct market
  • Ways to approach an endless serial

Inferno WatchEdit

  • Madelyne meets and strikes a deal with S’ym
  • First appearance of the Goblin Queen costume

Correction Edit

In this episode, Jay recalled the direct market as having been conceived in significant part by Carol Kalish. It was, in fact, the brainchild of Phil Seuling.

Listener Questions Edit

  • I love reading comics and big trades, but I very much dislike buying floppies. In the same way I can't watch shows week to week (my heart can't take it), I adore getting to snuggle up with a big collection of content. However, I'm afraid this buying habit hurts the actual comic writers and artists by making it seem like people aren't interested when it's quite the opposite. Does waiting for trades hurt creators financially? If I want to support smaller comics, do I just have to buy floppies?
  • How do y'all deal with the never ending aspect of the X-Men line? I keep thinking I might like the X-books for the long running character based narratives, but long running doesn't mean endless, and lack of endings weirds me out, especially when the endings you do get are almost always upended somewhere down the line. Does that bother y'all? Or is it part of the fun of comics?

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