Episode Description

In which the X-Men move to Australia; O.Z. Chase is definitely not a werewolf; Dazzler is a smart, glittery laser cookie; Gateway falls into some uncomfortable tropes; Havok remains the king of terrible hats; Madelyne Pryor hacks the planet; Rogue makes a friend; Rick Leonardi draws the definitive Magik; Colossus’ secondary mutation is allegory; and there are a lot of great places to donate your old back issues.


  • Gateway’s probable origin
  • Wintry mix
  • Miles’s definitive X-era
  • Uncanny X-Men #228-231
  • O.Z. Chase
  • Vladimir Zaitzev
  • The Reavers (No, not those Reavers)
  • Bonebreaker
  • Skullcrusher
  • Pretty Boy
  • Children
  • Jessan Hoan (Tyger Tiger)
  • Gateway
  • Teamwork (more) (again)
  • The Siege Perilous
  • Cooterman’s Creek
  • Jay’s favorite mythic figure (and long-term career goal)
  • The best brother in the Marvel Universe
  • A really sad team-up
  • Favorite X-science moments
  • Where to donate comic books

Listener Questions Edit

  • Hi Jay and Miles! Wondering if you could help on a project I'm working on. I teach science in an inner city school in New York, and most of my students approach science through superhero comics. So I'm building an inspirational wall of science moments from Marvel Comics featuring Drs.Doom, Nemesis, and Octopus reading "Learn Science, Rule the World!" I was wondering if you had any favorite science moments from X-Men? Also, any explicitly Afro-Caribbean scientists in Marvel? Thanks!
  • My comic book collection is starting to get too big to manage, and I'm gathering the bulk of the titles I know I'm not going to read again. I would love to donate most of it, but I'm not sure who would be best be suited for this kind of donation. Do you know of any comic book based charities or causes, or other appropriate organizations I could donate them to?