Episode Description

In which the New Mutants learn that they are not, in fact, immortal; Louise Simonson finds her stride; the Ani-Mator makes Cameron Hodge look downright reasonable; hating humans is Magneto’s security blanket; Doug Ramsey dies; and we continue our coverage of the Fall of the Mutants.


  • Sugar Man
  • New Mutants #59-61
  • Bird Brain
  • The Ani-Mator
  • The Ani-Mates
  • Stylistic whiplash
  • Why you always leave a note
  • The death of Doug Ramsey
  • Black Condor’s amazing origin story
  • Interpersonal dynamics in New Mutants
  • Parsing ongoing series
  • Why Doug died
  • 616 characters we’d trade for their Battleworld counterparts
  • Storytelling trends and the decline of though balloons

Listener Questions Edit

  • If you could have any iteration of an X-character from Battleworld replace the usual 616 version, what would you choose?
  • So I was reading The Mutant Massacre and some of the X-Factor stuff that followed (the Archangel arc) , and noticed they were using thought bubbles as a storytelling device quite often. As someone who didn't get into comics until the mid-2000s, I've only ever really seen this used in older comics I've sought out. I was wondering if you knew when this device started to get phased out in favor of either narration captions by a single character or no inner monologue at all, which seems quite common now? I actually quite like how it's used in X-Factor, as it allows me as a reader to see how all the characters are being emotionally affected by all the terrible things they encounter.

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