Episode Description

In which Rachel and Miles sit down with one of their favorite writers to talk about his upcoming series; the X-teens take to the road; Season One is kind of Friday Night Lights; good relationships make good stories; and Rachel and Miles are really excited for All-New X-Men.

Cold OpenEdit

The deal with the original X-Men who have been displaced in time, as well as Genesis (Evan Sabahnur).


  • Secret origins of X-Men: Season One
  • All-New X-Men, vol. 2
  • How to write Jean Grey
  • Angel
  • Building a team
  • Why Quentin Quire isn’t in All-New X-Men
  • All-New in the larger X-line, and the X-line in the larger Marvel Universe
  • Definitive X-eras
  • Cable & X-Force
  • What makes Cable tick
  • Boom Boom
  • Colossus and Domino
  • The narrative case for solid relationships
  • Favorite villains
  • Mark Bagley
  • Character evolution across multiple creative teams
  • X-teen hobbies
  • Vegas Valley Comic Book Fest

Listener QuestionsEdit

(Answered by Dennis Hopeless)

  • Who is sexier, Beast or Nightcrawler?
  • Given that the All-New X-Men crew are still teenagers, what teen hobbies do you think they would have outside of the super stuff?
  • What are some challenges or surprises you've found with revisiting the original five X-Men?


How To Follow AlongEdit

  • X-Men Season One
  • All New X-Men vol. 2
  • Inferno