Episode DescriptionEdit

In no one trusts Magneto; Dr. Druid is the comfiest superhero; She-Hulk wants to punch a meteor; Rachel and Miles are really bad at both nature and maritime law; boat fights are the best fights; everyone makes terrible choices; and James Jaspers should really have been disbarred by now.


  • Darkstar vs. Dark Star
  • X-Men vs. Avengers #1-4
  • Magneto’s narrative milestones
  • Dr. Anthony Druid
  • A most peculiar meteor
  • The Soviet Super Soldiers
  • Vanguard
  • Darkstar
  • The Titanium Man / Gremlin
  • Ursa Major
  • Floridian vs. Australian fauna
  • Crimson Dynamo
  • Dock parties with the X-Men
  • Secrets of Asteroid M
  • Cartoonish pursuit
  • The drinking rules of costume semi-destruction
  • The Laws of the Sea
  • Why you should put your multi-team brawls on a boat
  • An abrupt creative shift
  • The Light
  • Several miracles of magnetism
  • An ethical dilemma
  • The (other) trial of Magneto
  • Magneto heel turns
  • Picking which tie-ins to read
  • The Secret Convergence on Infinite Podcasts

Listener Questions Edit

  • I, too, have been going through and trying to read all the X-related comics from the the past few years, and I'm eagerly awaiting Excalibur as I've only read bits and pieces. However, I find that I can read through the main series rather quickly, but the events, guest appearances, and other non X-comics and other team books that happen to have X-characters tend to bog me down. How do you go about deciding what to read outside of the regular series run? I imagine this is going to get more difficult as time goes on, and the X-Men characters start appearing everywhere. I'm looking at you, Wolverine.
  • I was re-reading Astonishing X-Men and it brought up some questions for me about Kitty's phasing. I always assumed she was all solid or all not. But clearly she must be able to selectively phase in order to go through walls but not sink through the floor at the same time. When she's going through solid matter, it appears that she can control the rate, so it's effectively like levitating. The trickiest thing would seem to be as in the beginning ofAstonishing when she comes up through the floor. Do you think she's standing on a ladder? Or would it be that once she's in solid matter she's able to move herself up so she can jump up and reach the ceiling, or go up through the wall and be fine? I guess it's tricky to think too hard about Kitty's powers because if she can float through rock because she's doing some kind of molecular magic, why couldn't she do the same with the molecules of the air and fly?

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