Episode DescriptionEdit

In which we record our first live episode; Rose City Comic Con is AMAZING; Ann tells us how to torture the X-Men; Jean Grey needs more friends; Chris survives an encounter with an angry vampire; Squirrel Girl sets the high bar for questions; everyone has opinions about Longshot’s hair; Jeff gets meta; Cyclops is the best at fighting Sentinels; and Rachel ALMOST gets through an entire panel without swearing.


  • Cable (Nathan Summers)
  • Stryfe (Also Nathan Summers)
  • Rose City Comic Con
  • Christopher Yost
  • Jeff Parker
  • Ann Nocenti
  • The X-Men
  • Superheroes vs. soap operas
  • Continuity vs. evolution
  • Updating the Silver Age
  • What defines an X-book
  • All of our iconic X-eras
  • Close encounters of the fan kind
  • The Continuiteens
  • Marvel Girl and Squirrel Girl team-ups
  • Narrative regrets
  • How we’d end the X-Men
  • X-Men best suited to professional wrestling
  • Our personal mutant metaphors
  • Which of the X-Men is best at fighting Sentinels


There’s no visual companion this week, but you can see photos from the panel, party, and more in our Rose City Comic Con roundup!

Listener Questions Edit

  • Do you think that Marvel Girl and Squirrel Girl could be friends? And if they were, what kind of adventure would they have together?
  • You mentioned earlier that you kind of wished you could go back and make Angel a girl. I'm wondering what all of you -- what sort of a change you wish you could make, possibly even to your own work, or to that which came before, that you think be more fun than what happened?
  • The X-Men being what it is, it will probably never have a true conclusion. If it were down to you to decide, you know, what would be a logical end point for the X-Men as a series, what it has been before -- what do you think that would be?
  • Which of the X-Men do you think would be great as a professional wrestler?
  • I was just wondering if there are any currently inactive characters that any of you miss in particular. Besides Maggot, obviously.
  • How has the vagueness of the mutant metaphor impacted you?
  • Which one of the X-Men is best at fighting Sentinels?

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