Episode DescriptionEdit

In which Masque is the worst Morlock; makeouts are a good reason to learn to control your powers; Cyclops and Marvel Girl are terrible role models; Iceman is the heart of X-Factor; Cameron Hodge finally shows his hand; the kids are all right (and probably the only ones who are); and we’ve basically given up on X-Factor ever learning to use doors.


  • The Right
  • The Ani-Mator
  • X-Factor #16-20
  • Training with X-Factor
  • Skids’ backstory
  • Motivational makeouts
  • Miles’s Thor-ner
  • Thor #377-378
  • Why you don’t make deals with frost giants
  • The mystical realm of Pittsburgh
  • Redundant funeral graffiti
  • A totally rad villain speech
  • The evolution of Iceman
  • Dubious flight safety precautions
  • Rictor (Julio Esteban Richter)
  • Some really epic gaslighting
  • A probably-inevitable confrontation
  • Supervillain team-building exercises
  • Park maintenance

Listener Questions Edit

  • Considering he was from ancient Egypt and had basically slept through the entire Christian era, why does Apocalypse use so much imagery from the book of Revelation? That's basically his whole schtick, down to his name.
  • Something that's been driving me crazy about the X-Men comics since I began reading them as a first grader is that they're supposedly hated and feared by the general population, but it only seems like they're hated and feared by the most radical of radical villains and extremists. While the rest of the world is as indifferent to them as to any other young hero. I think the problem comes from there not being a good reason to hate and fear them, which is what happens when the only new X-Men are already heroic and virtuous before they even get powers. Where are all the terrible bullies who are then blessed with super strength, or the nerd who gets the power to mind control people that picked on them? Do you think the mutants that become the the X-Men should be made up of regular jackasses like I was in high school, or do you think the X-Men were already the X-Men in spirit before the powers?

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