Episode DescriptionEdit

In which the New Mutants get unstuck in time; Robert the Bruce is surprisingly shallow; Sentinels dabble in decoupage; Rachel pitches a comic; there’s no such thing as a happy Magneto flashback; you should probably respect teenagers more than you do; the seeds of Inferno are sewn; and Doug Ramsey hacks the planet.


  • Messing with the past
  • New Mutants character themes
  • You Can’t Do That on Television
  • New Mutants #47-50
  • Constructive stabbing
  • Sad Darin Morgan Magneto
  • Adventures in time and space
  • Tactical retreat
  • Several dark alternate futures
  • Earth-8720
  • Decoupage of Future Past
  • A singularly evocative Sentinel
  • Earth-87050
  • Magneto’s terrible, terrible life
  • The New Mutants vs. Magus
  • Peak Magma
  • Karma’s codename
  • Soul Sword continuity

Listener Questions Edit

  • Why is Xian's codename Karma? It doesn't really seem to fit her powers, and she's not a member of any of the faiths that explicitly believe in the concept of karma, so why did she choose it? Did she even choose it? Is there an in continuity reason for her codename? Is there a real world x-planation?
  • Illyana's Soulsword confuses me. In the Magik miniseries, it's a concentrated part of her soul, like Storm's acorn, making it personal to her. So in Excalibur they make a big deal about Kitty being one of the few who can use it. But then not long after: Doom is waving it around, then Alice Wright says it's made of soulsteel and there can only be one soulsteel weapon. Then in Claremont's Nightcrawler, it's some kind of ancient inherited weapon thing. And there's inconsistency in what it can actually damage.

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