Episode DescriptionEdit

In which we welcome Logan Bonner, Mikey Neilson, and AdministratriX Tina to the gaming table for an original X-Men Animated Adventure; the real enemy is BS&P; Australia is kind of terrible; Rogue is concerned about kangaroos; Wolverine taps into the power of love; Storm makes a long-distance call; and Cyclops plans for failure (but not color-coded labels).


  • Logan Bonner as Writer, Gamemaster, and Broadcast Standards & Practices
  • Tina Abate as Wolverine
  • Mikey Neilson as Storm
  • Rachel Edidin as Cyclops
  • Miles Stokes as Rogue

Listener Questions Edit

  • Since you two are now reformed evil mutants in the X-Men '92 universe, what were your powers and motivations, and what causes you to want to reform?

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