Episode DescriptionEdit

In which Rachel Summers went to sleep with Wolverine’s claws in her dreams and now there’s claws in her lungs and when she got out of bed this morning she tripped on her traumatic backstory and by mistake she dropped the Phoenix Force in the sink while the water was running and she could tell it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.


  • Freedom Force
  • Supervillains’ day jobs
  • Uncanny X-Men #206-209
  • The X-Men’s first brief tenure in San Francisco
  • Terrible house guests
  • Lindsay McCabe
  • David Ishima
  • Bree Morrell
  • A metaphorical ghost story
  • Lycanthropy, but dumber
  • The crossing of several ethical lines
  • Death by narrative stasis (and also impaling)
  • Craft night at the Hellfire Club
  • Death by costume satin (and also heart failure)
  • One way to write someone out of a book
  • Our favorite Summers kids
  • X-Music


Special thanks to Elle Collins

Listener Questions Edit

  • Do either of you have a favorite among the many future-alternate-future-time-travelly Summers children? I thought mine was Rachel until I was reading X-Factor and suddenly learned about Ruby. What gives Summers/Grey/Frost/Pryor children such staying power? Why don't more X-families have grown up alternate future kids running around?
  • I just discovered Lila Cheney via Captain Marvel #9, and it's got me thinking about music and the X-verses. Are there any particular artists you guys associate with Dazzler, Lila, or other mutant musicians that I should be aware of? Are you aware of anyone writing songs for them? I refuse to believe it hasn't been done, but I'm having trouble finding any. How about music in general that you associate in general with X-Men or specific characters?

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