Episode DescriptionEdit

In which Nightcrawler does Weird Tales; Iceman does Back to the Future; we want a vacation home in Dave Cockrum’s brain; Bamfs are terrible; the 1983 Iceman miniseries is straight-up bananas; parents just don’t understand; and Rachel will take literally any excuse to talk smack about John Ruskin.


  • Vanisher
  • Nightcrawler #1-4
  • Bizarre Adventures #27
  • Iceman #1-4
  • The Well at the Center of Time
  • The downside to hanging out with pirates
  • A shark wizard in a tiny loincloth
  • Better living through sound-effect awareness
  • Boggies
  • The key to a classic Nightcrawler story
  • Earth-5311
  • Bamfs
  • The full extent of Rachel’s Smurfs knowledge
  • Cretaceous Sam
  • Sehv
  • Illyana Rasputin’s porn collection
  • The Drake family
  • An exceptionally unlikely girl next door
  • The definitive Miles’s Mom anecdote
  • Marge Smith / Mirage
  • White Light
  • Idiot
  • Kali (but not that one)
  • Two generations of Officers Ratchit
  • Pornography no one wants to see
  • Death by time travel
  • Oblivion
  • Night Man (kinda)
  • Our ideal cross-media adaptations

Listener Questions Edit

  • What would your ideal live action adaptation of X-Men be like? Would it be a movie, TV show, or web series? And what things would you like to see covered in said live action adaptation?
  • We know that Nightcrawler's "Bamfs" smell strongly of sulfur from the brimstone dimension. The problem with this is that sulfur dioxide is poisonous, and we frequently see Kurt teleport into confined spaces where this could be a huge issue. Even if he's immune to it himself, other people would still be at risk. I was wondering if this has ever been addressed, or if I should just take a deep breath and recite the MST3K mantra?

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