Episode Description

In which the X-Men get their third ongoing series; Elle drops in to x-plain the Defenders; the band gets back together; rich people are not like the rest of us; Cyclops is in desperate need of some kind of intervention; and X-Factor is basically Ghostbusters.


  • Cameron Hodge
  • The fairly spectacular secret origins of X-Factor
  • The Champions
  • The New Defenders
  • The evolution of Hank McCoy
  • X-Factor #1
  • The death throes of Scott and Madelyne’s marriage
  • Rusty Collins
  • A really bad first date
  • The increasingly dubious life choices of Scott Summers
  • The worst job interview
  • Sushi-a-Go-Go
  • How not to have an intervention
  • X-Factor
  • The X-Terminators
  • The Phoenix Force on Earth-811 (and its relationship to Rachel Summers)

Listener Questions Edit

  • Do you think the series would have been better if the original planned lineup for X-Factor had been used and Jean stayed dead?
  • Thanks to a later retcon, we discover that the Jean Grey who went all evil and genocidal in the Dark Phoenix saga was not actually Jean Grey, but the Phoenix incarnate impersonating her. Jean Grey was actually still at the bottom of the bay when the X-Men crash landed. Rachel Grey is the alternate timeline future daughter of Scott and Jean, but as you mentioned in Episode 50, the Jean in her timeline was accepted by her family and never went dark. But at that point, wouldn't it have actually been the Phoenix incarnate, since Jean had been left at the bottom of the bay by that point. Doe that mean that Rachel is actually the daughter of Scott and the Phoenix force itself, or did Jean not get left behind for the Phoenix to take her place in Rachel's timeline?

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