Episode Description

In which Magneto makes an official alignment shift; Claremont does a court drama; Professor Xavier makes poor choices; Rachel Summers comes by her communication skills honest; the Strucker kids are the evil Wonder Twins; and the podcast hits a major milestone!


  • Xorn
  • Uncanny X-Men #196, 199, and 200
  • The X-Men status quo circa 1985
  • Magneto’s alignment shift
  • Beyonder-related existential crises
  • A hypothetical murder mystery
  • Minor vandalism as a harbinger of dark futures
  • Psi-scream
  • Brood classified ads
  • A thematic parallel
  • The tipping point in Scott and Madelyne’s relationship
  • The new, improved Magneto
  • The Professor Who Cried Wolf
  • Phoenix II
  • Earth-811/Earth-616 disambiguation
  • Freedom Force
  • The Trial of Magneto
  • NPR-616
  • James Jaspers
  • The best editor’s note
  • The mystery of Magneto’s age
  • Andrea & Andreas Strucker
  • What not to wear to court
  • A super icky sword
  • Phoenix morality
  • Sponsorship & conflict of interest

Listener Questions Edit

  • Is the Phoenix force evil? Was everyone freaking about it justifiable in Avengers vs. X-men or just for story drama? Should they just have sent Rachel Summers out? Do you think the Phoenix force will ever be redeemed or will it always be this dark entity now?
  • I saw on Twitter that you'd consider sponsorship from Marvel a conflict of interest, but I was wondering if you could flesh that out more? It's not unusual for critics to be sponsored by the industries or companies they review. Most newspaper movie reviews appear alongside ads for the movies. Siskel & Ebert (the show) was even owned by Disney at one point I think. Is there something about your situation that's different from those that I'm missing?

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