Episode Description

In which we meet Miles’s favorite X-Man; Longshot is Secret Wars II done right; we are fairly committed to the idea of Ann Nocenti as a post-apocalyptic daredevil superhero; Longshot is patient zero of the ‘90s; Ricochet Rita is the best; luck is a zero-sum commodity; Mojo is legitimately terrifying; and nuance is Longshot’s secret weakness.


  • Spiral
  • The Body Shop
  • Several ill-advised body swaps
  • Longshot
  • Longshot
  • Rachel Summers Syndrome
  • The evolution of Art Adams
  • The metaphysics of luck
  • The secret origin of pouches
  • A large number of pop culture allusions
  • Glam survivalists
  • Psychometry
  • Moral complexity
  • Gog’n’Magog
  • Ricochet Rita
  • The social economics of jetpacks
  • A whole lot of social satire and commentary
  • Star Slammers
  • Mojo
  • The Mojoverse
  • Luck as a zero-sum commodity
  • Arize
  • Quark
  • Longshot and Dazzler’s star sigils
  • Finding (or creating) your comics community

Listener Questions Edit

  • Has the similarity in Dazzler and Longshot's star symbols ever been addressed? I've been reading Excalibur for the first time and have been loving it, and in a couple of flashback scenes Alan Davis draws them essentially having the same symbol. I just assumed it was because they're in love and it's cute, but I wonder if there's some Claremont-ian explanation lurking somewhere?
  • Hi! I really love your show and I was wondering if you had any advice on how to meet and make friends with other X-Men fans? I know it's a strange question, but I'm in high school and I don't have anyone to discuss the comics with, and I want to make some more friends. Any advice? Thanks!

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