Episode Description

In which we bid a fond farewell to Bill Sienkiewicz; Secret Wars II continues to ruin everything; the New Mutants end up in an improbable number of gladiatorial arenas; Shadowcat’s secondary mutation is queer subtext; Magik gives no fucks about your crossover event; Warlock transcends storytelling conventions; and Karma rejoins the team.


  • The chronologically inconsistent mobility of Professor Xavier
  • The Shadow King
  • New Mutants #29-34
  • Steve Leialoha
  • The Arena (more) (again)
  • Evil group projects
  • Easter eggs
  • Rachel Summers: butch fashion icon
  • Some major failures of positive size diversity in comics
  • Madripoor
  • Ashake
  • The incredible changing Guthries
  • The wickedest club in Cairo
  • Default X-teams
  • Cypher’s powers

Listener Questions Edit

  • The X-Men seem to keep defaulting back to some combination of Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Wolverine, and a young girl mutant (Kitty, Jubilee, Rogue, etc.) What is it about this combination that people keep falling back on? Do these characters work particularly well together, are they just individually more popular, or does it really correspond to a time of particular popularity, like the mid-90s?
  • What are Cypher's actual powers? He's "good at language", but sometimes that means learning or speaking new languages, sometimes it means a persuasive speaker, once it even made him a good computer programmer. What can he actually do? And can his character be redeemed?

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