Episode Description

In which Legion grows from setting to protagonist; Rachel is a master of narrative rationalization; “Claremont” is a verb; Warlock befriends an airplane; Xavier owns a significant mistake; New Mutants does a deep dive into power dynamics; you should go read X-Men: Legacy already; and Si reveals the true secret nature of reality.


  • Blindfold (Ruth Aldine)
  • Luca Aldine
  • Legion (David Haller)
  • Mental illness in fiction
  • New Mutants #26-28
  • Socialized medicine
  • Appropriate gym apparel
  • Rachel’s favorite scene from any X-book, ever
  • Claremonting
  • Jack Wayne
  • Cyndi
  • Jemail Karami
  • Roughly 20 years of condensed continuity
  • The Age of Apocalypse
  • Age of X
  • X-Men: Legacy vol. 2
  • Father issues
  • David Haller’s accent
  • The Origamist
  • Santi Sardina
  • A visual metaphor
  • The true secret nature of reality
  • Professor Y
  • The Franklin Richards Universe Hypothesis

Listener Questions Edit

  • Legion's big bad was the psychic projection of his father Charles Xavier. It's clear this is not the real Xavier, who at this point in continuity had been killed by Cyclops. Even so, how much of this is Legion's own perception and hangups about his difficult relationship with his dad, and how much is a reflection of the actual dark side of Charles Xavier which we've seen throughout the comics for 50+ years?
  • How did Legion go from comparable age with The New Mutants to comparable age to the students in the Jean Grey school during Legacy? Time Paradox? Suspended animation? Being stuck eternally as a teenager as punishment for creating the Age of Apocalypse?