Episode Description

In which we play Six Degrees of Lila Cheney; Cannonball gets a makeover; Earth does not in fact blow up; the X-Men like their s’mores with thinly veiled allegories; and Magik dabbles in erotic friend fiction.


  • Strong Guy
  • Annuals
  • New Mutants Annual #1 (Steal This Planet)
  • Lila Cheney
  • Both versions of Cats Laughing
  • The Vrakanain
  • Chris Claremont Book Club
  • Uncanny X-Men Annual #8 (The Adventures of Lockheed the Space Dragon and His Pet Girl Kitty)
  • Some dubious campfire games
  • Illyana’s Space Opera
  • Space pirate X-Men
  • Some long-awaited resolution

Listener Questions Edit

  • I picked up Marvel Unlimited, mostly to keep up with the podcast - but I'm almost through the paltry offering of New Mutants that they have. Is there a good way to get the complete Claremont run? I don't think there's an omnibus.
  • What's the deal with Psylocke's powers? Telepathy? Telekinesis? Both? In the current adjectiveless X-Men she manifests weapons besides the psychic dagger (maces, bow and arrows, crossbows etc.) Are those manifestations the focused totality of her psychic powers too? Or are they her telekinesis manifesting as a physical weapon doing physical damage? Also, how did she get telekinesis?