Episode Description

In which literally every character in Dazzler: The Movie is the absolute worst; Beauty and the Beast is secretly kind of awesome; Ann Nocenti is an editorial war-bard; Rachel issues a hat-related retraction; and we would read the hell out of Tales from the Heartbreak Hotel.


  • The many mutations of Hank McCoy
  • Alison Blaire
  • Dazzler: The Movie
  • Dazzler’s corporate origins
  • The original plans for the actual unmade Dazzler movie
  • Severely off-model Storm
  • Ziggy the Butler
  • Several frankly horrifying courtships
  • Roman Nekoboh
  • Eric Beale
  • Beauty and the Beast (but not that one)
  • The correct way to open a miniseries
  • Ann Nocenti
  • Alexander Flynn
  • The importance of voice in writing Beast
  • Max Rocker
  • The Heartbreak Hotel (but not that one) and its residents
  • Nocenti narration
  • Some really dubious underground theater
  • The worst hat
  • What Dazzler’s been up to lately

Art ChallengeEdit

Join us in a world where Beauty and the Beast spin-off Tales from the Heartbreak Hotel is a real, published comic.

Listener Questions Edit

  • I finally picked up the Longshot miniseries you guys recommended but there's something I don't quite understand here - where's Dazzer? Did they break up at some point between the 80s and now? Is she dead? What's she been up to? If it's really bad, you could probably make a fun cold open out of it.
  • What current Marvel books are you guys reading? I'm actually really interested to see how the X-perts experience the Marvel Universe.