Episode Description

In which the New Mutants are the Bobbsey Twins to the X-Men’s Sam Spade; Nina da Costa is Ms. Frizzle; New Mutants does a Rachel-and-Miles cold open; Selene is the Elizabeth Bathory of lava; Rahne likes Sam, Sam likes Amara, Dani likes Bobby, and Bobby likes everyone; Gil and Art are no Harvey and Janet; Miles has a Del Preston moment, Magma is a Horta; and if something super happens, you should tell a super adult.


  • Selene
  • Externals
  • New Mutants #7-17
  • The da Costa family
  • Axe
  • Some really dubious cosmetic choices
  • Nova Roma
  • Amara Aquilla (Magma)
  • Op-art as a superpower
  • Doug Ramsey’s hair
  • The Massachusetts Academy
  • New-Wave Superteens
  • Deflection
  • The Hellions
  • Not-Particularly-Secret Origins of the Hellfire Club
  • Publishing schedules

Listener Questions Edit

  • Hey guys, loving the podcast! I was wondering if you knew what was up with the pretty evident connection between the X-Men's Hellfire Club and the one from the Avengers? (The 60s British spy TV series, not those other guys.) There are too many similarities in plot and trappings (secret society for the rich and powerful, 18th century outfits, female lead brainwashed into aiding the club and simultaneously dressing up in bondage gear, character named Emma) to be coincidence. Do you have any insight into what happened there?
  • Why do modern Marvel comics change artists so often? I especially noticed it on Aaron and Bachalo's run ofWolverine and The X-Men and found it really distracting to the story. Is there a good reason?