Episode Description

In which we welcome back Greg Rucka, Rachel makes a valiant effort to read Secret Wars, Earth-200500 is still the best Earth, Kitty Pryde and Wolverine is kind of dodgy, Ogūn is low-rent Mister Sinister, Miles talks about empathy, Greg has an Edna Mode moment, and we all love Kitty Pryde.


  • X-Men #153
  • Kitty’s Fairy Tale
  • Earth-5311
  • Earth-200500 (again)
  • Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #1-6
  • Samurai eyefucking
  • Ogūn
  • Special cuddles
  • Some really dodgy stuff
  • The best Kitties Pryde
  • Professor K.
  • Smart kids in fiction
  • Why we love Shadowcat
  • Point-of-entry characters and gender
  • Costume theory
  • Our favorite new podcast

Listener Questions Edit

  • What is the best version of Kitty after Claremont? Davis' Excalibur? Whedon's X-Men?
  • How come Kitty Pryde just wears a variation on the Xavier School uniform these days, instead of a costume of her own? It seems especially weird with her because in her early days on the team, graduating out of that uniform and creating her own identity was a driving force of her character development. It seems weird that now, as a grown woman and a professor herself, she just wears the old yellow and black.