Episode Description

In which special guest Kurt Busiek is the J. Robert Oppenheimer of X-Men, Rachel and Miles learn to love the Silver Age, Cyclops gets a job, Bernard the Poet falls from grace, we really wish X-Men: The Secret Years was a real book, everyone recites poetry, and we still don’t get around to Marvels.


  • METOXO, the Lava Man
  • The true, secret purpose of Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men
  • The Phoenix retcon
  • Archival pocket dimensions
  • Enid Blyton’s X-Men
  • Early-to-mid-20th Century American Jewish Socialism
  • Why the X-Men are terrible mutant P.R.
  • Band names of the Silver Age
  • An X-Men series that might have been.
  • Why Cyclops should be the Rachel Maddow of Marvel
  • Quicksilver’s childhood dreams
  • The Coffee-a-Go-Go
  • Bernard the Poet
  • Zelda Kurtzberg
  • The Barefoot Beats

Listener Questions Edit

  • What's the one Silver Age storyline you can constantly go back to without getting bored?
  • Kurt, have you read X-Men First Class? Because it occurs to me -- that strikes me as the most recent-ish X-Men series that's been most in that spirit.
  • Would you consider writing an Untold Tales of X-Men featuring the Silver Age team like you did with Spider-Man? What are the types of storylines you'd want to focus on if you did?