Episode Description

In which we announce exciting new developments, the ASPCA should probably have a word with Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde gets a new costume, Lee Forrester is still the best, Cyclops has an octopus on his chest, Magneto has a change of heart, and Wolverine embraces transhumanism.

Cold OpenEdit

The comic book backstory of Firestar is explained.


  • The Thomas Hardy novel of superhero comics
  • Friendship
  • X-Men #148-152
  • Unstable Denim
  • Disco Dinner Clubs
  • Caliban (a little)
  • Kitty Pryde’s amazing fashion sense
  • Garokk the Unremarkable
  • Atlantean couture
  • Why Magneto is Interesting
  • The Massachusetts Academy
  • The Persona Exchange Gun
  • Harvey and Janet
  • How to win $2500 in 1980
  • Editorial Outsourcing

Listener QuestionsEdit

  • I’ve wondered since I was a kid reading X-Men back in the 90′s, what was the reason X-Men #137 could be worth $2500? I’m sure it’s actually something anti-climactic, but at the time I thought that it meant that they already knew how good it was. Reprints never seem to include the important details.
  • Didn’t Lee Forrester hook up with Magneto at some point on his Bermuda Triangle island base?