Episode DescriptionEdit

In which Jean commits genocide, the Shi’ar are total dicks (again), we have feelings about X-Men #137, Claremont and Byrne do what they do best, shit gets real on the moon, Kitty joins the team, and the Dark Phoenix Saga concludes.


  • Inhumans
  • The Kree
  • The Terrigen Mist
  • Teamwork
  • The Dark Phoenix
  • Cameos with cosmic implications
  • The Phoenix event horizon
  • Establishing scale
  • Psychic battles
  • The winged never-nudes of the Marvel Universe
  • Danger-room exposition
  • The Shi’ar’s really dubious justice system
  • Why X-Men #137 is the definitive issue of X-Men
  • Pacing
  • The power of friendship
  • Quiet moments
  • The blue area of the moon
  • The best last stand
  • Moon vandalism
  • The Phoenix Retcon

Listener QuestionsEdit

  • Could Cyclops write his name on the moon?
  • What is the best adaptation of the Dark Phoenix Saga in non-comic book media?
  • We know that the Jean Grey that appeared from X-Men 101-137 was actually the Phoenix. People still seem to refer to this character as Jean, even though it's not her? Or did I make that up? But Kitty appears in Phoenix Endsong as one of the people who loves Jean even though not counting 101-137 Jean would mean that they'd have barely met. Is there a reason we still seem to count 101-137 as being Jean even with the Phoenix retcon?