Episode DescriptionEdit

In which death is a revolving door, we really liked Days of Future Past, space pirates are the best pirates, Vulcan is (still) the worst, Miles has a Corsair costume, Lilandra has lovely plumage, no one knows how to pronounce “M’Kraan,” we studiously avoid discussing the Phoenix force, Saurids speak Hebrew, Raza Longknife’s name is a bit on the nose, Rachel is the worst at hugs, Greg has a ‘ship, and we all kind of identify with Cyclops.

Cold OpenEdit

The revolving door nature of death in the X-Verse is discussed. Special guest Greg Rucka explains how Corsair will be returning in the new Cyclops series. (The explanation is bleeped out.)


  • The Starjammers (and how to pronounce their names)
  • The Shi’ar
  • The Neremani Dynasty
  • Plumage
  • Apostrophe abuse
  • Corsair
  • The secret origins of the Starjammers
  • Why Hepzibah talks like that
  • The Rule of Cool
  • Visor iterations
  • Summerstaches
  • Cyclops’s dubious deductive skills
  • Hugs
  • The All-New, All-the-Same X-Men
  • Teenagers, again
  • Cyclops #1
  • Cyclops vs. Scott
  • Space-parenting
  • Rachel’s convention sketchbook
  • Greg’s Kitty Pryde feelings
  • An exceptionally vivid threat
  • Intergalactic fashion
  • Corsair’s pecs
  • Key parties in space
  • The greatest romance of the Marvel Universe

Listener QuestionsEdit

  • There seem to be 4 X-genres: save the world stories, oppression stories, time travel stories, and space stories. The first three make sense to me as flowing naturally from their premise - even time travel makes sense, because the X-Men have a very specific goal, and these stories show what happens when they don't succeed. But why wacky space adventures? To this day space stories seem to be really popular, even though it seems 100% random for these characters.
  • If the Starjammers got a new ship that wasn't called the Starjammer, would they still be Starjammers?
  • Do you suppose the character of Vulcan can be "salvaged"?

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