Episode DescriptionEdit

In which the Bronze Age begins; Dave Cockrum is your god now; the band gets together; Sunfire joins the team; cultural sensitivity is not Marvel’s strong suit; Sunfire quits the team; it sucks to be Cyclops; Professor X crosses a moral event horizon; Sunfire joins the team; Ed Brubaker channels Thomas Hardy; you are probably a Summers brother; and Sunfire quits the team.

Cold Open Edit

Nightcrawler's return to life.


  • Bamf-Voltron Nightcrawler
  • Giant-Size X-Men #1
  • The worst hat of the Marvel Universe
  • The Mostly-New, Mostly-Different X-Men
  • A business-casual angry mob
  • The limits of creative good intentions
  • Tractor punching on the Ust-Ordynski Collective
  • The correct spelling of “fine”
  • Canada
  • Sunfire’s utter disdain for everything, including you
  • Krakoa: The Island That Walks Like a Man!
  • Characteristics of good X-fights
  • Yet another miracle of magnetism
  • X-Men: Deadly Genesis
  • Summers Family Continuity (Introductory)
  • More hats
  • The Muir-MacTaggert Research Facility
  • Summers Family Continuity (Intermediate)
  • The Charles Xavier Scale of Supervillainy
  • Relative immunity
  • Wolverine’s ubiquity

Audience ParticiaptionEdit

  • What would you do with thirteen X-Men?
  • Help us find all-ages-friendly Marvel Girl stories!

Listener Questions Edit

  • Why have some members of the new Giant-Size team stayed popular throughout the years, while others were more or less forgotten? Specifically, why is Wolverine so popular?
  • Hi Rachel and Miles! I'm relatively new to the X-Men. Started reading around the Second Coming event and also watched the 90s cartoon on Fox. I'm looking forward to you x-plaining all of the crazy stuff that I've missed. My question is: When did the "Powers don't affect family members" thing start? Is that a modern trope, or is that been present from the start? Thanks!