Episode Description

In which Jay and Chris X-plain three cartoons and track a disagreement to its source; Gambit is definitely the worst person you know; Broadcasting Standards and Practices is tired of your death ceremonies; Storm doesn’t have an inside voice; and we finally get around to mentioning that one dude with the claws.

Cold Open:Edit

Is Gambit creepier in the cartoons, or in the comics? (Spoiler: in the comics.)


  • The evolution (and Evolution) of X-Toons
  • Why you hate Cyclops (and Rachel doesn’t)
  • Adaptation overload
  • Broadcast standards, practices, and laser rifles
  • How to order pizza like a weather goddess
  • A paramilitary after-school club
  • G-Rated Wolverine
  • Comics based on cartoons based on comics
  • Morph
  • The Batman Standard
  • The Wolverine and the X-Men trifecta of perfection
  • Why the Mojoverse works better on TV
  • Dazzler’s secret second job
  • Basic jacketry

Listener QuestionsEdit

  • When were the costume designs used in the show for the main team first introduced in the comics? Also, what's your opinion on the costumes? Which ones work the best, and which ones the worst?
  • Why won't Beast put a shirt on in the 90s cartoon?
  • What's the deal with Morph? Was he a good character or...what?

How To Follow Along:Edit

  • X-Men (the 90s animated series) - streaming on Hulu (as of 10/17/2015)
  • X-Men Evolution - streaming on Hulu and Netflix (as of 10/17/2015)
  • Wolverine and the X-Men


In this episode, Rachel mentions that Morph’s first comics appearance is in Exiles. It’s not: he’s in Age of Apocalypse.

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