Episode Description

In which we begin at the beginning: everything clicks with #3, Professor Xavier is a jerk, Magneto is a fearless fashionista, Cyclops gets a name, Jean Grey has a chronic case of the Silver Age, and allegorical diversity is not enough.

Cold Open:Edit

The current (April 2014) issue of Uncanny X-Men: volume 3, issue 19, including Cyclops and his militant band of mutants, some background on Weapon X, and the alternate universe version of Magik.


  • Mutant genetics and taxonomy
  • Practical semantics of “X-Men”
  • Charles Xavier’s equally dubious ethics and decorating choices
  • Superhero couture of the Atomic Age
  • Why Cyclops can’t control his powers
  • The miracle of comic-book magnetism
  • A problematic analogy
  • X-books for beginners
  • Snow grenades
  • The word “yaybo
  • The mystery of the ubiquitous plaid suit

Listener Questions Edit

  • How broadly should we define X-Men? Only characters who have been members of a team called the X-Men, or members of ancillary teams as well? What about supporting characters?
  • If you were introducing someone to XMen what comic/story arc would you give them?
  • Yellow? Why in the name of all that looks terrible on cheap paper did their original uniforms have to be so yellow?