Cassandra Nova is a mummdrai, Professor X’s evil disembodied psychic twin. While they were gestating, she tried to clone herself a body based on his, but fetus-X strangled her, so she was born as nothing but a malevolent consciousness. Decades later, she managed to produce an adult body, which she used to unleash the Sentinels on Genosha, decimating the mutant population; then made her way back to the Xavier school, switched bodies with Professor X without anyone knowing, leaving him trapped in her body, whose vocal cords Wolverine had severed. Disguised as X, she first outed the institute as a school for mutants, then went off to space, broke Lilandra’s mind, and generally beat the hell out of the Shi’ar empire.

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Cold open of Episode 009 - Leprechaun Surprise Party .

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Cassandra Nova

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